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SPACE MEKK DESIGNERS is a multidisciplinary architecture, interior design and landscaping firm based in PCMC, Pune having best architects and interior designers in Pune. The company was formed in 1998 by Ar. Promoad Shinde and Rajnee Shinde and since its inception the Company has successfully designed and executed several projects across Maharashtra.

Over the years, SPACE MEKK DESIGNERS PVT. LTD has become synonymous with exquisite taste, unparalleled service, and unmatched quality. Operating with the utmost in business ethics, we are known for our reliability and attention to detail on every project making your experience with us authentically different lend our expertise and passion for design to each commercial and residential project we undertake.

The company strives to create unique design approaches adapted to each project, regardless of size and scale where the end products are aesthetically and functionally rigorous as well as financially informed. As a collective team, the designers understand client’s expressed and unexpressed needs and create both modern and traditional designs with a unique twist, transforming any space into a powerful expression of architecture and turning client’s dream into reality.

Our diverse portfolio includes bungalows, hotels, hospitals, residential and commercial buildings, high end apartments, commercial interiors, residential interiors, restaurants, clubhouses, farmhouse etc.

What we do


Being best architectural firm in Pune, Spacemekk designers views architecture as an integral part of our design process in terms of aesthetic,appeal, program functionality, and budget analysis. The company successfully provides this service to clients irrespective of their scale and complexities. We employ our expertise to integrate humans, nature and form. Our design aims to give the user a peaceful place to live in with spacious indoor and outdoor spaces.


Having best interior designers in Pune, the company works for wide range of interior projects from simple residence to high end corporate office. Irrespective of the size and scale we work with same commitment, expertise & enthusiasm and our successful interior design solution has always remained innovative and to client’s satisfaction.

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The company has vast experience in various fields like construction, Interiors, and Project Management. Hence Spacemekk designers has an in house team of experts for all the major aspects involved in turnkey projects .Our goal is to give the customer maximum ease by getting all the services under one roof. We aim to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions, which have been successfully developed and timely executed.

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Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Meeting with the client is held to better understand their view, requirements, want and needs etc. and preparing a design brief. We engage and immerse ourselves in our client’s mission, values and objectives. The Client’s requirements are finalized after the study of various aspects like Site,weather,surroundings, soil condition etc.

Often client’s have ideas, we enjoy to incorporate these ideas in the creation of vision that brings all elements together. We prepare a concept design to give a complete idea of the project. Concept is presented using Presentation drawings, 3D Views, Sketches, photographs etc. to make client envisage better and understand the building both internally and externally.

We prepare all necessary working drawings, detailed drawings for better execution of the project and collecting all necessary documents required for the construction. Appointing the right agency for construction.

We ensure that the integrity of the design is maintained by rigorously monitoring of the construction process. Clients are informed about the progress of the work on site. Proper co-ordination with other agencies is done to ensure smooth execution and timely completion of the project.

Our Team

Ar. Promoad Shinde

Creative Director

Ar. Rajnee Shinde

Creative Director

Interior Design Department

Interior Designers

Architect Department


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